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From the out-set these local papers covered major events throughout the country (much of the reporting was taken from the nationals) but they do give comprehensive coverage of local information throughout the county. The stories ranged from suicides, criminal activity to court cases, bankruptcy to the sale of goods, concerts and theatres, schools and church information, advertisements and letters abound.

The style of reporting in the early editions was often graphic in detail, but still makes interesting reading. Reporting was often ‘matter-of-fact’; there were no sensational headlines as seen in today’s press – just a simple heading such as ‘Inquest’ followed by a story perhaps concerning a suicide or a mutilated body. There was no inhancing of the story to fill the pages, as if the reporter was actually there at the time, as seen in many of the tabloids today.

Some of the articles and letters are long-winded, (over 4000 words in some cases) but to those readers carrying out research they can hold valuable snippets of information.