Autumn 2020 Issue 103

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We hope that everyone has survived lockdown without too many difficulties. We are fortunate in Melbourn to have so many volunteers willing to deliver food and services to us at home. Thank you very much from us all. The weather has also been relatively kind, apart from the end of August! Did you see the new comet, Neowise, in July? See page 24.

Owing to Covid-19 there are no events to advertise, so this issue contains no Diary. Maybe this will change by the next issue – time will tell.

However, we have some interesting articles, including a description of a walk on the Magog Downs on page 49 and Fowlmere Wildlife Reserve on page 36, both with excellent photographs.
The Village College has been ensuring that students have access to computers so that their education is disrupted as little as possible, and are very grateful to people for their gifts of computers, see page 27. Playgroup reopened in June albeit in a slightly different form and is thriving.

The Guides are having weekly online Zoom meetings, and have a different theme every week, see page 57, while the Dynamos Football Club for boys and girls, is winning commendations and has been recognised as an FA Community Hub Club, page 56.

The Hub has reopened, and includes a marquee in the garden, see page 7. People are very pleased to see it back and it is well supported.

There are many other interesting features including the Travelogue in the Himalayas, on page 22, book reviews, page 42 and Cricklewood’s Cars on page18. On page 64 there is an interesting overview of epidemics and pandemics. and much more.

We hope that by the time the Christmas issue is published the situation will have further improved. Keep safe and enjoy our village with its many amenities.

Front cover: Skylark at Magog Down. Photograph by Garth Peacock.

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