Autumn 2018 Issue 95

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What wonderful weather we have had this summer, a bit too hot for some perhaps!

As usual the Fete was a great success, enjoyed by everyone, with not a cloud in the sky. Many thanks to the Committee for such a great day. Their report asks if anyone would like to join the committee, please do give it some thought (page 8).

The ‘public gardens’ in the village have looked marvellous as usual, and we all appreciate the work put in there, apart perhaps from a few antisocial people who removed some plants, presumably for their own gardens? Thank you also to the people who keep the village neat and tidy, a nonstop job.

It is very interesting to hear of the success of MVC, and the introduction of Mandarin to the curriculum. Pupils already have the chance to learn several other languages, including Spanish. How fortunate they are. Congratulations to those students who have achieved their desired exam results – enjoy the next stage of your education.

Sport thrives in Melbourn, thanks to those dedicated people who give their time to the community. There are many Clubs too, literally something for everyone, see page 51. In this edition we have poetry composed by members of the ‘The Chain of Wild Flowers’ (page 62), and also more book reviews (page 43).

You can read part 2 of Memory Lane – ‘Days in Ceylon’ on page 21 and the ‘Travelogue to Bhutan’ page 40.
Volunteers also look after and report on the natural history of our area, such as Melwood and the river Mel.
The Hub has some interesting things coming up again, our thanks to the volunteers who organise these events.

And of course we don’t have to travel very far to see a film, only as far as the Community Hall page 13.
We should also thank the Parish Council for all their efforts on our behalf, making Melbourn such a pleasant place to live.

The Melbourn History Book ‘A Glimpse into Melbourn’s Past’ with the accompanying DVD is once again available FREE to all new residents of the village. If you don’t have a copy, see page 11 for more details.

Front page photograph, ‘Work on the Bury’ from the Melbourn History book see page 11

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